Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey (EP1HS) and Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)) are usually the first ecology survey completed at a proposed development site.

It is during such a survey that potential ecological issues that may affect the granting of planning permission are identified and that the requirement for further surveys is determined. 

An EP1HS or PEA usually includes:

  • An initial desk study to identify nearby sites designated for their biological interest and to obtain biological records data from the local area.

  • An ecological walkover survey of the proposed development site and adjacent areas to:

  • Map broad habitat types (usually not necessary with a PEA);

  • Determine the presence/likely absence of notable and protected species;

  • Identify the presence of controlled plant species (e.g.. Japanese Knotweed); and

  • Production of an EP1HS/PEA report, including recommendations for further ecological surveys and ecological enhancements, suitable for inclusion with planning applications.

BiOME has completed EP1HSs/PEAs in relation to many development proposals from extensive upland sites to brownfield land in urban areas. 

The knowledge and experience that we bring minimises the risk that potentially significant ecological issues are overlooked which could lead to costly delays.

Selected References

  • Joint Nature Conservation Committee (2010). Handbook for Phase 1 Habitat Survey - a Technique for Environmental Audit. Reprinted by JNCC, Peterborough.

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