About BiOME

BiOME Consulting is a leading ecological consultancy, providing services to clients in the private, public and scientific sectors throughout the UK and internationally.

The outstanding service we provide to our clients is built on our long-standing experience, considerable in-house ecological expertise, a strong scientific background and a dedication to our subject.

We have provided ecological support in relation to a substantial number of projects; including extensive mining developments in Norway, large-scale renewable energy projects in the Balkans, and infrastructure, housing, renewables and conservation projects throughout the UK.

At BiOME we pride ourselves on the exceptional standard of field surveys and reporting delivered through our team of highly experienced professional ecologists. All are leaders in their fields; meticulous in their data collection, innovative in their thinking and comprehensive in their analyses and reporting of results.  The attention to detail of our staff, and passion for our subject ensures that BiOME provides our clients with the most robust support possible. Through the consistent delivery of an outstanding product, we build strong relationships with all of our clients. 

One of the key aspects of BiOME is investment in our teams’ passion for ecology. We actively promote and support individual research and projects that further our understanding of ecological processes, some of which strengthen our ability to quantify the impacts of developments on species and habitat communities at a local, regional, national and even international scale.


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