Ecology Research

At BiOME, our partners are committed to ecological research to aid conservation initiatives. In addition to our consultancy projects, we undertake extensive research and survey work; examples of some of our recent/ongoing projects are below:

Bat migration

We have a long-held interest in bat migration and have launched various projects along these lines including teaming up with Gardline Marine Sciences Ltd to survey for migrating bats over the Dogger Bank sea area of the North Sea. 

Norfolk Polecat Survey

BiOME joined forces with Vincent Wildlife Trust as part of their national Polecat survey that took place in 2014 and 2015. We have been completing extensive camera-trapping surveys and road casualty searches for this expanding species since January 2014.

Norfolk Yellow-necked Mouse Survey

We have identified ancient woodland/re-planted ancient woodland plots throughout Norfolk and are currently surveying this preferred habitat using small mammal traps to establish more exactly the distribution of this species within the county.

Bats and mammals in Morocco

Bats and mammals of southern Morocco and Atlantic Sahara. A long-term study of the mammal fauna of this little-studied region in the southwest of the Western Palearctic zoogeographical region.

Brown Clee Breeding Bird Project

An ongoing monitoring project assessing the changing distributions of an upland bird community in southeast Shropshire, with a particular focus on Curlew and Snipe.

Winter bat activity

Winter bat activity in small ancient woodland plots in Norfolk. We are currently trialling the feasibility of a large-scale study into bat activity in small ancient woodland plots in Norfolk. Our focus will be on Barbastelle bat as Richard is a committee member and ‘Winter Sites Officer’ for the Norfolk Barbastelle Study Group.


Peer-reviewed Publications


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  • The Birds of Shropshire – Martyn is on the editorial committee for this forthcoming publication whilst Richard has contributed 14 species accounts.


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Selected non Peer-reviewed Publications:

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