Richard Moores

Richard is an experienced ecologist with a wide-skill base. He possesses extensive experience of Ecological Impact Assessment, project management and planning, site supervision and protected species surveys.

Richard has planned and implemented numerous development-related mitigation projects involving European protected species and been involved in various Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects throughout the UK.

Richard is an expert bat surveyor and he currently holds UK-wide bat survey licences for handling, disturbance and use of mist-nets, harp-traps and acoustic lures. He is an experienced ornithologist and has completed many bird surveys for a diverse range of projects throughout Britain and further afield.

His biological research work in Western Sahara and Morocco has developed into his membership in the Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group, part of the Sahara Conservation Fund. Richard has also worked extensively in the conservation sector, managing habitats, wildlife and people to good effect.