Camera trapping workshops

Camera trapping is now a very important tool in ecological monitoring as well as a highly popular and rewarding pastime. It allows almost entirely non-invasive monitoring of animals and enables the user to potentially gather large amounts of data on elusive species, as well as behavioural information on more widespread species.

Dan Brown demonstrating setting up a camera trap in the field

Dan Brown demonstrating setting up a camera trap in the field

Field leading techniques

BiOME are leaders in the field of camera-trap surveying having undertaken projects around the globe and on almost all protected species within the UK and Europe. There is a common misconception that camera traps are generally only used for larger mammals, however, this is far from the truth.

During this training course we will provide you with a plethora of suggestions for using camera traps in alternative and innovative ways enabling you to get the most out of these brilliant pieces of kit.

One day workshops

Our one-day workshops will give you all the training you need in camera-trap usage,  whether it be for use in your own garden, or for large-scale professional monitoring projects:

  • choosing the right camera-trap for the project
  • understanding the camera-trap functions
  • setting up the camera-trap correctly
  • siting the camera-trap correctly and security considerations  
  • baited vs. un-baited cameras
  • analysing your data
  • examples of alternative things you can do with camera traps
Classroom based discussion complementing field work

Classroom based discussion complementing field work

Classroom and field based training

We will look at a selection of previously obtained images to highlight where problems have occurred as well as the identification of triggers and if time allows we will also look at images generated over the course of the day.

The workshop will incorporate time in the classroom and in field and will allow continual questions and answers, thus ensuring that you go home with as much knowledge as possible. We also tailor every workshop to the participants present so that you get the maximum possible from the day.

Group bookings and training workshops for individual organisations are also offered so that survey design and setup can be tailored towards a more specific field.


Cost £80 per person

Courses will run from 0930 to 1600

There is a café and facilities at the training location as well as access onto the superb RSPB Vane Farm nature reserve.

Dates & Locations

We currently have training courses at the following locations:

Saturday 11th June, 2016 - RSPB Vane Farm, Loch Leven, Perth & Kinross

Monday 15th August, 2016 – RSPB Vane Farm, Loch Leven, Perth & Kinross


For more information please contact: