James Lidster

James Lidster has worked as a professional ecologist and in the eco-tourism industry for over 15 years. The latter as a senior leader for Sunbird and WINGS birding tours www.sunbirdtours.co.uk. He is bilingual (Dutch and English) and specialises in bird, bat and amphibian surveys making him a much desired field ecologist in the Netherlands.

James has spent over 300 nights in the field surveying bats in the Netherlands.

He has excellent aural and visual identification knowledge of all European bird species, and this ability has rewarded him with positions on the national rare bird committees of both Great Britain and the Netherlands (where he is the first ‘foreigner’ to sit on the committee).

He has travelled extensively throughout the world, not only making him one of the most well respected tour leaders, but also an expert in the avifaunas of many areas including Tropical and Southern Africa, Eastern and Central Asia and the Middle East. Through his travels he has built up a wealth of experience and a broad array of contacts.

James holds a Safety at Sea certificate and is a trained First Aider.