Dan Brown

Dan has worked as a professional ecologist for over 15 years, successfully building strong relationships with clients and a sound reputation for delivering results.

Dan has worked in many sectors from avian assessments for port re-developments and ecology surveys for road schemes and the HS2 rail developments. He has also worked on assessing the ecological impacts of a proposed mining development in Norway.

Dan has acquired a detailed knowledge of the impacts of renewable energy developments on birds having worked on over 120 wind farm schemes. As well as writing chapters for EcIAs, Dan has also provided expert witness statements in relation to the surveying and monitoring of protected species and post-construction bird monitoring plans for European wind farms. Dan recently joined the HiDef bird identification team, and has excellent visual and aural field identification skills.

Dan is well trained, being a proficient ESAS & MMO surveyor, and holds an RYA Level 2 Powerboat license. His involvement in three expeditions (to Antarctica, Lesotho and Madagascar) have proved invaluable in gaining exceptional mountain navigation skills as well as team management experience in physically and mentally challenging locations.

When not working as a consultant Dan can be found lecturing and guiding for Heritage Expeditions and Sunbird tours, writing on mammals for the Birding Frontiers website, or exploring new parts of the world. Dan is also a Fellow of the prestigious Linnaean Society. He is currently authoring a new book on birding in the UK.